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*008; Icon Dump #3

Exactly 2 months from my last post, I bring you more icons. Wow. I need to stop making such large icon posts. And most of them are from various icontests, blah blah blah. You know the drill. Not safe for dial-up users. D:

And as usual, too many GS/GSD. O___o XD I can't help it! There are belated Christmas icons and I never did get to make an icon post of just Christmas icons. Oh wellz, can't be helped.

[7] Arina Tanemura [Full Moon wo Sagashite, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Time Stranger Kyoko]
[20] CLAMP [CCS, CLAMP School Detectives, Legend of Chun'yang, TRC, X/1999, xxxHolic]
[5] Code Geass
[74]Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny
[8] Miscellaneous [Saiunkoku, Spirited Away, YGO, Pretear, Inu-Yasha]
[9] Movies [Harry Potter, LOTR]

[130] Total


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*007; Icon Dump #2*

Seeing how I haven't really updated this icon journal in like...months? I kid, I kid. It's only been about two months since I last updated and most of these icons are from various icontests. But beware, this post is not friendly to dial-up users. You have been warned.

[38] CLAMP [various]
[68] Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny
[11] Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch/Pure
[12] Misc [various]
[4]Tanemura Series [various]

[133] Total

Yeah, I make too many GS/GSD icons.


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*000; Intro Post*

Hi, everyone! This is the icon journal of shiroki_tenshi and I decided to make a community instead of, um, you know, a separate account, haha, just because I felt like having one! Yeah, I'm not that great at icons, but I'm still learning, so that's always the good thing, eh?

This is strictly for icons only; my other account is not really for friending, so sorry about that!

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